Issue 14 and Volume 42.

WIRT AND KNOX HAND FIRE APPARATUS. Of the 170 different styles and sizes of hose carts, reels and racks made by the Wirt & Knox Manufacturing company, Fourth and Commerce streets, Philadelphia, the one illustrated is one of its new patterns of hand-ladder trucks, equiped with two 25-ft. extension ladders will be interesting. This equipment can be varied to include, when desired, axes, crowbars, buckets, lanterns, hooks, etc.; and its construction can further be changed, so that it may carry any required assortment of ladders. Another illustration is that of one of style “X” floor reels. This pattern is coming into popular use as a boatreel, carrying hose for deck-wash and other purposes. It will further be found to be a great convenience by all lire departments for the storing of surplus or emergency hose. They can he made in any size reqhired, with capacity of 100 to 2,000 ft.…

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