Issue 14 and Volume 42.

IMPROVEMENTS AT HOUSTON. James Appleby, city commissioner in charge of the fire department of Houston, Tex., is preparing a memorandum setting forth the approximate cost of apparatus needed for the lire department. and. as is expected, soon to be purchased. Included in the list are two new fire engin s, one hook and ladder, one hose cart, several thousand feet of new hose and all apparatus for two additional complete fire stations. I he estimated expenditure will run up close to ?.?o,ooo, according to Mr. Appleby’s figures, bis cussing the need of better protection and firefighting facilities, Mr. Appleby stateil that it was imperative that something be done. He was, he said, making out a list of what was needed to be laid before the mayor and commissioners for action. He iof the opinion that the commissioners will be unanimous in getting the new engines and fire protection. It is…

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