Issue 14 and Volume 42.

CENTRAL STATES WATERWORKS ASSOCIATION Eleventh Annual Convention Held at Wheeling. Special Report of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. The first session of the eleventh annual convention of the Central States Waterworks association was called to order by Mr. George W. Lutz, of Wheeling, W. Va., chairman of entertainment committee. The Rev. Jacob Brittingham, rector St. Luke’s Episcopal church, having said the opening prayer, .Mayor C. C. Schmidt delivered the address of greeting and President Cook responded. At the afternoon session Mr. John Langan, of Tipton, read a paper on “Deeo-well water supply.” In the discussion that ensued Mr. J. M. Latta, of Akron, stated that his company had recently drilled seventy three to-in. wells, in every case going through clay strata before striking the water bearing strata. While passing through the clay, it was frequently necessary to pour water in the drill-hole to keep the drill running; but, after passing through…

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