Issue 14 and Volume 42.

METERAGE. Al our last meeting we had an interesting paper from Mr. Latta, in relation to water pumping in his plant, and the effects resulting from tin placing of a few meters, showing that, after his factory services and large consumers had been metered, his specified consumption averaged about 1,200 gals, per tap—an average per head of population of 242 gals, per day. Now, of course, Mr. Latta has started, as we might say, without any foundation to build upon, so far as actual knowledge is concerned of what his pumps were doing, as from my personal experience and investigations along this line, I find but little reliance can be placed on the record made by the engine-counter. It is human nature for the, engineer, as long as his pump runs smoothly and quietly and supplies the water call ed for . by his consumers to let “well .enough” alone,…

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