Issue 14 and Volume 42.

THE ASHOKAN DAM AWARD STANDS. It is the opinion of Mayor McClellan that the award of the Ashokan dam contract to the MacArthur Brothers and Winston company will stand. He is fortified in this statement by the informal opinion of the corporation counsel that the contract as awarded by the board of water supply of New York citv is binding, even though the bid of $12,000,000 is $2,000,000 above that of the John Peirce company. It is held that, under the law authorising the appointment of the board of water supply the commissioners have broad powers. Having once awarded the contract, it is doubtful if there can be a reversal of their action without involving the city itt litigation. At the same time the comptroler has not yet accepted the sureties of the MacArthur Brothers company; but it is said to be a question whether his temnorary non-acceptance of sureties…

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