Issue 14 and Volume 42.

CORRESPONDENCE STATEMENT AS TO NOTT ENGINE TEST AT BALTIMORE, MD. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: Will you kindly permit the publication of the following statement in one of the early issues of your valuable paper? In justice to ourselves, our many friends and the general public, we feel that a statement on our part is due, and we make it without prejudice or feeling of any kind. Before shipping the engine to Baltimore, we tested it in Minneapolis numerous times, using only a moderately fair grade of bituminous coal. Our exhaust-nozzles were so constructed and placed that the engine was relieved of heavy back-pressure and also prevented large quantities of partially burned coal being emitted from the stack. At the time, we obtained good combustion, made an abundance of steam, obtained high speed with the engine and continuously delivered 1,000 gals, of water per minute against a water-pressure of 170…

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