Issue 14 and Volume 42.

AMPLE WATER SUPPLY AT HOUSTON. Houston, Tex., and the territory adjacent has a supply of water which gushesfrom deep in the bowels of the earth in inexhaustible quantities, that are almost pure. It is the best water in the world, both for domestic and for all other purposes. This is not an idle boast, for experts have tested the water of Houston and vicinity, and they have pronounced it the best water that it is possiblc to s cure from natural sources. This water needs no treatment for either drinking purposes or for use in boilers. In fact, the deep stratum— from 1.450 to 1,500 ft.—is almost entirely free from anything foreign or of a mineral nature. This water is as clear as crystal. Garrett. Ind., has awrded a contract to Harmon Bros., Tiffin, Ohio, for sinking four wells.

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