Issue 14 and Volume 42.

NATIONAL SMOKE AND FUME HELMET. The value of an efficient smoke and fume helmet as an aid to firemen in reaching small incipient fires or for reaching the base of a serious fire in order to direct the hose properly has long been a matter of considerable importance. S. F. Hayward & Co., 20 Warren street, Manhattan, New York, announce that they have such an appliance in the “National” smoke and ammonia helmet, which possesses particularly important advantages, namely, that the helmet is very light and flexible and will fit any man, regardless of the build of the shoulders, while the gauge which shows the amount of air on hand can always be seen, thereby avoiding any possibility of accidents. In addition, an alarm attachment notifies the wearer when the pressure reaches a given point. This appliance has recently been thoroughly tested out in several very large and serious mine-fires,…

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