Issue 17 and Volume 42.

WATER SYSTEM OF SOUTH BEND. South Bend, Ind., has an excellent waterworks system. That it has been operated scientifically and its affairs administered on a sound basis is testified to by the fact that the cost of the plant $620,000—has practically been paid for out of the earnings. There are today less than $50,000 of outstanding bonds, and these will be retired when they become payable. While South Bend operates its water system by direct pumping, it has overcome the principal objections to this method, such as working against a variable head and giving fluctuating and uncertain pressures. A brick and steel standpipe, some 20 ft. in diameter at the base and over 200 ft. high, has been erected close to the main pumping station, which is in the heart of the city, i he engines pump into this standpipe, as well as into the city mains direct. Thus the…

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