Issue 18 and Volume 42.

THE WATER SUPPLY OF RUTHERFORD. The report of a special committee appointed to investigate the condition of the water of Rutherford, N. J., has found the water to be wholesome and pure, according to the chemical analysis. The report, however, criticises the company’s carrying on a sales department in connection with its business, compelling pe_____ple to buy supplies from them, and recommended that the officials look into the matter. The committee also contends that the company’s charge for connection with the mains is exorbitant, and winds up the report with the recommendation that tests be made with a view of ascertaining whether or not artesian wells would not be practical in furnishing a water supply for the borough, instead of depending upon the present method of water supply. The committee also had tests made of the pressure in house-service and fireplugs in the different parts of the borough. This pressure…

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