Issue 18 and Volume 42.

WATERWORKS IMPROVEMENTS AT CHICAGO. At Chicago, Ill., the extensive engineering works now being rushed to completion at a combined cost of nearly $4,500,000 will raise that city’s pumping capacity to 515,000,000 gallons daily (net), which will be sufficient for a population of about 2,370,000, figuring on a per-capita daily consumption of 217 galons. The present contracts do not call for completion until 1909. It is planned to start the following additions at once: Devon avenue system, tunnel, crib and mains, $1,960,000; Sixtieth street system, tunnel, crib and mains, $2,320,000; additions to south (Roseland) system, new being constructed, $800,000—total, $5,080,000. Later and less imperative additions, together with unfinished work now under contract, will bring the total cost of additions up to $17,000,000. This amount will raise the total cost of Chicago’s waterworks system to $52,000,000. Already $35,000,000 lias gone into the system. With the additions planned, the city would have by…

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