Issue 19 and Volume 42.

IMPROVENENTS AT OAKLAND. The preliminary action for the additions to the Oakland, Cal., fire department, authorised by this year’s budget, has been taken by the board of police and fire commissioners of that city. On request of Chief Ball the board recommended to the city council that the following appropriations be made: For the purchase of three fire engines, $18,000; for the purchase of three embination chemical and hose wagons, $5,000; for fire hose, $1,400; for two hose wagons, $2,500; for new boiler and repairs to a fire engine, $2,500; for an automobile, $2,750: for a firehouse on Twentyfifth street, near Broadway, $25,000; for rebuilding enginehouse No. 4 on East Fourteenth street, between Twelfth and Thirteenth avenues, $22,500; for the erection of a building on Fifty-first street, near Telegraph avenue, $22,500; for building on a lot to be purchased east of Broadway and south of Fourteenth street, $20,000; for a…

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