Issue 19 and Volume 42.

THE CARE OF FIRE DEPARTMENT HORSES. Upon this subject a volume might be written, without by any means exhausting the subject. Up to, and at the present time, an efficient fire department cannot be successfully maintained without the aid of the horse. What the future may have in store for the performance of such work time alone will disclose. The indispensable use of the horse was fully demonstrated in 1872. 1 hose of us who are old enough to remember the fall and winter of that year will never forget the chaotic state into which business was precipitated when the great horse-strike was on, not .on account of the animal’s refusing to work and wanting better food and care, as the human animal does in modern times, but due to the disease termed the epizootic, which proved to be a highly contagious form of influenza or catarrhal fever. It spread…

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