Issue 19 and Volume 42.

FIRES AT ST. JOHN. St. John, N. B., is a city of a little over 46,000 inhabitants, including those in its suburbs of Lancaster and Simonds. It is divided into two portions by the river St. John and the harbor, and is well supplied with water (high-service and lowservice). Its fire-area is at least 6,400 acres, on which, though wooden roofs are not permitted, many wooden buildings are to be found, some of them being devoted to business purposes. There is a fireworks and combustibles’ ordinance, and the causes of all fires are investigated. The fire brigade is largely volunteer, only about one-fourth of the company’ being full paid. So far as equipment goes, the brigade is well off. It is as follows: Steamers, seven; hand-engines, two; chemical hand-extinguishers, two; hose wagons, five; hose reel; hose (cotton, rubber-lined and rubber). 10,800 ft., of which 9,800 is good. The Gamewell fire-alarm…

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