Issue 19 and Volume 42.

GAMEWELL FIRE-ALARM SYSTEM ADOPTED. A contract for the installation of an auxiliary fire-alarm system has been entered into with the Gamewell company for the Hudson terminal of the Pennsylvania Railroad company in this city. The City Investing building, in New York, is also to be similarly equiped. A contract with the Gamewell company has just been entered into. The receivers of the New York City Railway company have, likewise, awarded a contract to the Gamewell Fire-Alarm company’ for the installation of an auxiliary alarm system in twenty-three of its car barns. There will be 229 combination fire-alarm boxes, thirty 18-in. and sixty 10-in. electro-mechanical gongs. The alarms from these boxes will summon a thoroughly-drilled private fire brigade of employes and the city’s fire department. From January 1 to September 13, 1907, sixty-three alarms were turned in from alarm boxes in the Hoboken, N. J., terminal by means of the Gamewell…

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