Issue 19 and Volume 42.

METERAGE. At St. John, N. B., there are 201 meters in service—three less than in 1905. Fifteen were removed and twelve were placed, including six Tridents, three Worthingtons and two Crowns. The percentage of services metered is 3.3. Of the total consumption for 1906 (2,951,466,000 gals.) 473,140,000 passed through meters, with the following percentage: Little River system (consumption, 2,108,812,000), 9.3 per cent.; Spruce lake system (consumption, 271,342,110 — including 212,628,000 gals, to the Cushing pulp mills and 8,939,700 to the ocean steamships), 32.2 per cent. The adoption of meters is favored by the board of public works at Chicopee, Mass., who for three years endeavored to make the water commissioners meter the water which is furnished to the watering-troughs in the city. The water board has agreed to have a meter put on to the Hampden park watering tank. The water to be metered and the amount adjusted which flowed…

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