Issue 19 and Volume 42.

CANADIAN FIRE HEROES. London, Ont., recently witnessed the spectacle of two members of its fire brigade being honored for an act of heroism in saving life during a fire in Bowling Alley last spring in that city. The recipients of this distinguishing mark of bravery were Chief Lawrence Clark and Foreman Daniel McDonald, of the hook and ladder truck company. Hon. Adam Beck was present, and in an appropriate address made the presentation to Chief Clark, in which he eulogised his work not only on the night in question, but, also, his general work as head of the local brigade. “The winning of this medal, (said Mr. Beck! is an honor which could not be purchased with all of the Rockefeller millions.” It was for such deeds, which, as the speaker pointed out, were always committed on the spur of the moment, and which always went to show the sort…

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