Issue 22 and Volume 42.

OLD TOM MAKES HIS LAST RUN. On Nov. 17, when the fire department of Orange, N. J., turned out for a fire, old Tom, who has drawn the chief’s wagon for seventeen years, for the first time in his career as a fire horse did not leave his stall and run under the harness. This was not because Tom didn’t want to; it was because he couldn’t, being secured with a stout rope, and though the old horse pranced and neighed in his efforts to get free as the gong tolled out the district, he had the humiliation of seeing his successor, Jack, led—actually led—under the harness, hooked up and driven off to the blaze. Tom was originally purchased for Chief James W. Hodgkinson. He was a trotter and could go at a good clip. There were many who said he was cut out for a track-horse, lie never missed…

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