Issue 22 and Volume 42.

WATERWORKS OF DUBUQUE. Dubuque, Ia., has a reservoir waterworks system—direct pumping. The back-pressure is constant, and the pumps run steadily, the reservoir acting as a cushion. One of its principal faults from an engineering standpoint at the pumping station is that, when any large supply is drawn from the mains, the pumps “run away,” owing to relief of back-pressure, and, when suddenly shut off, it jars the pump, as if the piston were hitting a rock, which is hard on the pump. The direct pumping system was originally installed at imbtique because of its cheapness. The standpipe is supplied only by standing surplus water. When the mains are full, the pumps force the water into the standpipe, whose capacity is 100,000 gals. It stands 327 ft. above high-water mark. Its water is used for the Hill district, and a main is run from it down through the lumberyard section of…

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