Issue 22 and Volume 42.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING It has often been remarked how greatly the human factor can thwart the best-laid plans of the most skilful engineers and builders in the line of fire-protection. Thus, sprinklerarrangements more often than not fail because of carelessness or lack of knowledge on the part of employes, not seldom because of the sleepiness or worse of the watchman, at whose door, after all, lies much of the blame for the destruction of buildings by fire. To show that this is not bringing a rash or wholesale charge against one class of employes can be proved by the following record for the month of October of the excuses ntjulc by watchmen for delinquencies in only one limited district of the country, as reported by the Boston central station of the American District Telegraph: “Forgot to report, seven; could not get to box on account of obstruction, ten; overlooked…

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