Issue 22 and Volume 42.

WATERWORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS From Special Reports to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING A 1,000-ft. well is being put down at Tacoma, Wash. St. Onge, S. Dak., is now at work on a waterworks. At Malta, Ill., the new waterworks has been successfully tested. Extension of mains at Columbus, Wis., is being rushed to completion. The water has been turned into the new reservoir at Conemaugh, Pa. Hydrants in all parts of Pittsfield, Mass., are being tested preliminary to cold weather. The work of laying the water mains in Muscatine. la., for the year has been completed. At Shreveport, La., the breaking of a 16-in. main in Common street caused considerable damage. During a recent fire at Easthampton, Mass., the firemen were handicapped by low-water press re. Baudette, Minn., has awarded a contract to Stoner and Jewett for building a waterworks system. The recently installed boilers at the waterworks system…

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