Issue 22 and Volume 42.

TURPENTINE SUBSTITUTES. Some very interesting tests were recently made in connection with the factory inspection service of the Underwriters’ laboratories on turpentine substitute, which has been treated so as to bring the flash point over 100°, through a process designed to reduce the hazard on this class of material. The first lot of tests undertaken showed that the manufacturer had not accomplished his avowed purpose, as the solution flashed at a temperature as low as 85° and 86°, and would not, in any case, pass above 98°. A second trial, at a later date, established successful results, as the liquid did not flash below ioi°. These tests were all conducted in a closed cup, similar to those used by New York State board of health, and indicate quite clearly the necessity for proper checks on this class of material, hfore it is put on the market.

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