Issue 22 and Volume 42.

FIRE PROTECTION IN MINNESOTA. According to the report of G. F. Kelly, statistician of the Minnesota State Firemen’s association, there were in 1906, 266 cities, towns and villages in that State with organised fire departments. The cost of maintaining the fire-service in the State, was $976,320.64 while the amount invested in fire-department property, exclusive of water supply is $3,625,000.00. There are in use in the several departments: Steam engines, 120; gasoline engines, twentytwo; chemical engines, 152; hand-engines, thirty-five; hose carts and wagons, 484; feet nf hose, 525,000; hook and ladder trucks, 194; paid men, 825; volunteers, 5,626. As many cities, towns and villages report the system of paying men for actual services rendered at tires; these men have been classed as volunteers. Of the 3,335 fires reported, the causes are given as follows: Supposed incendiary, seventy-five; defective chimneys, 206; lamp explosions, forty-seven; other explosions, eighty-seven; children with matches, ninetyseven; matches,…

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