Issue 25 and Volume 42.

ASSISTANT CHIEF BENNETT NEARLY ELECTROCUTED. Assistant Chief James W. Bennett, of the Trenton, N. J., fire department, had a narrow escape from being shocked to death by an electric wire during a fire which completely destroyed the Billingham Iron and Machine works in William street on December 6. An overhead wire fell and struck him on the shoulder, and he received shock after shock until the wire rolled from the body. In speaking of the mishap later, he said: “The shock was terrible. The first thing I realised was a blow on the shoulder, which knocked me down. It was heavy, but did not hurt. It seemed weighty, and, when I struck the ground I was fully conscious, but could neither speak nor breathe. I felt as if my whole body were being crushed between a powerful vise, and still there was no pain. It was a distress and 1…

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