Issue 25 and Volume 42.

ELECTRIC STERILISATION OF WATER. In an article by Frank C. Perkins, which appeared last week under the above heading, mention was made of the system of ozone sterilisation of water by both portable and stationary plants. The latter are constructed with a capacity of 250 litres per hour for hospital, and 100 for army use. Of one of these plants, that at Paderborn, the accompanying diagrams show sectional views of the connection of the filters, transformers, dynamos, pump and ozone apparatus, water sterilising, electrically operated with direct current of 110 or 120 volts with a capacity of 10 cubic metres of water per hour as described in the article, glass sterilising column 16 ins high is used, with water-inlet and exit at top and bottom of column, filled with small porcelain clay, or glass balls, and equiped with differential gauge and measuring tube, with throttling-valve to determine exactly the amount…

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