Issue 25 and Volume 42.

PLANS FOR CROTON FILTRATION. The report on the filtration of the Croton water supply, just submitted to the board of estimate and apportionment by John H. O’Brien, commissioner of water supply, New York city, includes those of Chief Engineer I. M. de Varona and Rudolph Hering and George W. Fuller, consulting engineers, on the construction of filterbeds. These experts were appointed to make experiments and to give the final estimates of cost. They were to report along the following lines: To determine the proper rate of filtration; to ascertain the most practicable and improved method of cleaning the sand filters; to verify the most efficient means of giving the Croton water a preparatory treatment in the interest both of purity and appearance of the effluent and economy; to study the individuality of the Croton water, in order to obtain additional data for deciding upon the most suitable grade of filter-sand…

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