Issue 1 and Volume 43.

PUMPING MACHINERY NOTES. Bids for the pumping machinery for the upriver station, Spokane, Wash., were opened as follows; Halladie company, Morris pump, $16,100; Fairbanks-Morse company, Bryan-Jackson pump, $15,000; and Bradley Engineering company, turbine pump, $15,122. The Halladie company was awarded the contract. A Nashville, Tenn., press report states that the pumping engine weighing 200,000 lb., which is being bult for the Nashville waterworks at Mil wankee, by the Allis Chalmers company, will be the largest engine ever built by that firm. The new pump will he able to pump ioo.oco gal. of water a minute. The pump will be 60 ft. high and about 20 It. wide. It will have three plungers. each weighing twenty-five tons. ‘The shaft which will propel the plungers will he 40 in. in diameter. Two flywheels 40 ft. in diameter will he on either side of the plunger. About fifty tons of brass will he…

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