Issue 1 and Volume 43.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING By the time this number of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING reaches its readers 1908 will have begun, whether for weal or woe, none can tell for certain. Judging, however, from the opinion of those who may be looked upon as entitled to pronounce an opinion, an optimistic view of the year’s course may safely be taken. In any case, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING has no hesitation in wishing its many readers and its hosts of friends a very bright, prosperous and happy New Year and many of them. It hardly seems a case of doing as one would be done by for the city of New York to protest against New Jersey discharging the sewage of the Passaic valley into New York bay, when it intends to pollute both river and bay by discharging an enormous amount of tilth into the Hudson by means of the…

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