Issue 1 and Volume 43.

WATERWORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS. From Special Reports to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Eldorado, Ark., will open a $30,000 waterworks system. Albion, N. Y., is seeking a new source of water supply. Marion, Mass., is about to spend $75,000 on a waterworks plant. About a mile of 8-in. water main is being laid at Houston, Tex. Lender, Wash., has determined on installing a waterworks system. The new waterworks system at Morehead, Ky., will cost $13,000. Corpus Christi, Tex., will purchase the local waterworks for $35,000. Ohmer Park and Hay ton. Ohio, will be connected by a $12,000 pipe-line. The proposed new reservoir site and lake at Vallejo. Cal., will cost $6o,ooo. Waycross, Ga., will not stop at paying $20,000 to extend its waterworks system. The probable cost of the new waterworks system at Sapulta, Okla., is estimated at $50,000. Seattle, Wash., has arranged for the expenditure of $12,100 on extending…

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