The Gatun Dam.

Issue 1 and Volume 43.

The Gatun Dam. Ernest Howe, geologist to the Panama Commission, has written a report of the geological conditions of the site of the Gatun dam. These form the result of many changes: The stream that is to be impounded passes through a gap in the converging sides of the Chagres valley about one mile or a little more wide. Volcanic disturbances changed the southern and central surface of the whole of the isthmus, after the Gaum bed had been formed. Erosion having taken place to a very large extent, followed the elevation of the land, the sedimentary and volcanic rock now exposed, but to a much greater extent than at present. These beds were thrown out of position by three great upheavals, and the outcome of the third was that the streams were penned up in three deep canons by what the second upheaval had left. The Chagres river cut…

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