Issue 1 and Volume 43.

HARTFORD FIRE DEPARTMENT. For forty-three years Hartford, Conn., has had a fire department, which has always been kept up to the standard of the day and always progressed with the times. Former Chief Eaton, after having borne the burden and heat of the day for many years, handed over the responsibility of protecting the city from fire to his assistant chief, Louis Krug, on whom has devolved the task of dealing with a remodeled and reorganised force, with the volunteer clement no longer dominant. The whole department has not yet been put upon a permanent basis, as it was expected would he the case on the first day of last April; hut companies Nos. 1, 2 and 14 were created full paid, the first two with eight men each, the third with twelve men. The force today now consists of ti2 permanent and forty-four call men. under the command of…

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