Water Supply at Toronto.

Issue 5 and Volume 43.

Water Supply at Toronto. Mayor Oliver in his message to the city counsel of Toronto thus adverts to the question of water supply improvement and filtration: “Foremost among the questions to engage your attention during the year will be that of the, improvement in our system of waterworks. Two difficulties present themselves—firstly, the source of supply, and, secondly, the pressure in the mains. The superintendent of the waterworks has a proposition to lay before you at an early date, which will, if acted upon, solve the second difficulty. It is, in brief, certain alterations at the pumping station, the laying of a larger main from the lake to Dundas street, and the construction of certain 12-in. mains within the town limits. Larger mains will not, however, produce better water, and their construction will mean an expenditure of considerably over $50,000. I have reason to believe that this great expense may…

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