Issue 5 and Volume 43.

FATAL THEATRE FIRE AT BOYERTOWN There is no need to rehearse the particulars of the disaster in the Rhoades operahouse at Boyertown or to recapitulate its immediate causes. That has already been done, and the awful details are familiar to all. The less direct causes were due to the faults in the construction of the building—faults that arc to be found in nearly every theatre and operahouse (socalled) in the villages and small cities and towns in the United States and Canada, and, according to accounts as to the conditions in some of the larger cities, not excluding New York city itself, are so common, especially where moving pictures form the attracting feature, that the wonder is, not that there are so few similar catastrophes, but that, particularly in the tenement district of the metropolis of the Western world, where the authorities seem blind to the true state of affairs,…

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