Issue 5 and Volume 43.

Meterage. The Merchants and Manufacturers’ association suggests a selfsustaining water department for Baltimore, Md. Secretary Boggs adds: “Baltimore’s deficit may be occasioned by too low a rate; but it appears more than likely due to the method of assessment of rental. Surely a frontfoot charge is not the proper basis. This plan does not show the amount of water consumed. An occupant of one lot of 20 ft. may use much more water than his neighbor having the same amount of front-feet. There is no doubt but the use of meters is the only true way of making charges for water. There may, also, be a testmeter charge, because every person cannot afford a meter or a charge in accordance to faucets, number of persons, vehicles and horses on the premises. The meter is found to be cheaper for small consumers and the only fair method for large users of…

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