Napanee Waterworks System.

Issue 5 and Volume 43.

Napanee Waterworks System. Napanee, with a population of 2,300, although the youngest city in northern Indiana, has the oldest municipal waterworks system and electric plant in the State. Its supply is wholesome and abundant, and a good fire pressure. It has four miles of mains laid, and its water tank so sealed that no bugs or germs can enter it. The tank is 20 ft. in diameter and 116 ft. high. The pressure is steady at 44 lb.; hut in an emergency it could he immediately run up to 200 lb. (if the mains could stand such a strain) by shutting off the valve supplying and pumping direct into the mains. The source of supply is three tubular wells, each 160 ft. deep. One of these wells is 12-in.; the two others are 6-in. The water is furnished at a cheap rate and is sold by meter at one cent…

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