Sprinklered Risks in Chicago.

Issue 7 and Volume 43.

Sprinklered Risks in Chicago. Of the 436 sprinklered risks in Chicago, ninetyeight of the equipments have supervisory service, 132, sprinkler-valve alarms, 172, automatic firealarms. Twenty-one of the risks have now credited equipment and eighty-four nrn-bcard equipments. Twelve equipments are being improved and twenty-six new ones are under way. Only four failures occurred in 1907 among the fiftythree fires in sprinklered buildings. At these fires the total loss was $64,543, of which $19,493 was the largest. In that case the fire was in a publishing house; but it started in a portion of the building which was not provided with a sprinkling equipment. The fire-doors were left open, whereby the flames gained such headway that the tanks of the apparatus were drained in a very short time.

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