Issue 7 and Volume 43.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING At Michigan City, Ind., the consumption of water last year was 1,266,668,280 gal.—a daily average of 3,470,324 gal. The waste of water is so great that Superintendent Henry Scheiber recommends meterage. During 1907 there were 4,200 ft. of main laid—making 39 miles, with 285 hydrants set. The superintendent recommends that a new 36-in. intake be laid into the lake, so as to avoid turning harbor water into the mains in case of fire or other emergency. The pumping capacity is 10,000,000 gal. The resignation of Francis J. Lantry as commissioner of the New York city fire department was not unexpected. In reality no other course was left to him as a selfrespecting man. As a fire commissioner, Mr. Lantry, whose personal integrity cannot be called in question, showed himself incapable of grasping the necessities of the department, particularly in the way of keeping it properly supplied…

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