New York Faulty Fire Protection.

Issue 7 and Volume 43.

New York Faulty Fire Protection. By way of accentuating the danger of a conflagration to which Manhattan is exposed the following defects are quoted: Frozen hydrants, hundreds of which are habitually found in that state when the fire apparatus gets to them in response to alarms, engine companies being sometimes “obliged to spend four or five minutes or longer in thawing them out. The condition is one that has existed for years, and still exists (says an expert). The fire department records for the years 1904-1906 I have found a surprisingly large number of cases of frozen hydrants. 1 am informed on the most reliable authority that last year there were at least 1,500 such cases.” The same authority states that the “fire engines in the lower parts of Manhattan are, on the whole, in poor condition—the result partly of the hard usage they have received and, also, because the…

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