Water System for Blandford.

Issue 7 and Volume 43.

Water System for Blandford. Blandford, Mass., may soon install a waterworks system. It is proposed to build a small dam and to pump the water to a reservoir on an adjoining hill, whence the water will be carried by gravity and distributed all over the district. A bend of 142 ft. will be had, giving a pressure of 65 to 70 lb. On North street to the church the pressure woudl be only 20 to 40 lb. Where the cottages are the pressure would be from 60 to 120 lb. Pipes are proposed to be run from the Center out on several roads, making from 18,000 to 20,000 ft. of pipe, with necessary hydrants. The cost of the work for five or six years would be $16,700. To equip the entire district would cost $24,785, as nearly as can be estimated now. The reservoir is planned to hold 400,000 gal.…

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