Pure Water for Canyon City.

Issue 8 and Volume 43.

Pure Water for Canyon City. Canon City, Colo., being determined that the water of the Arkansas river, which forms the source of its supply shall be pure and abundant will probably spend $200,000 in securing it. The water will be taken from above the limestone ridges of the river, and will be free from the hardness that now characterises it. It will pass through a series of settling-basins before entering the city mains, and in that way most of the impurities will be so precipitated that the water will be clear and colorless at all times. The intake will be up in the Royal gorge, some six miles or so west of the city. A 24-in. pipeline will connect a series of settling-basins and reservoirs, whence the water will be conveyed to the city by gravity. 1 his arrangement will be doubly advantageous, in that (1) the water will be…

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