Filtration for Lynn.

Issue 8 and Volume 43.

Filtration for Lynn. Sooner or later, Lynn, Mass., must filter its water supply—in fact, it has practically decided on taking that course. The scheme to be adopted on the recommendation of William S. Johnson, a Boston expert, embraces purification by storage or purification by filters. The latter has been chosen. One conclusion reached by the city’s water board is that “there is no watershed of sufficient size to furnish Lynn with water which does not contain a considerable population from which more or less drainage finds its way into the streams as well as the drainage of streets, from cemeteries, etc.” The controling facts in Lynn’s water supply conditions today are these: Ihe supply available from its four ponds, Breed’s, Birch, Walden and llawkes, in a dry year is about 4,ooi),oco gal. per day. I lie consumption of water in the city and Saugus at present and as estimated for…

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