New England Waterworks Association.

Issue 8 and Volume 43.

New England Waterworks Association. Pursuant to notice the New England Waterworks association held its monthly meeting on February 12, 1908, in Boston. The program as published was adhered to. The following is the list ot attendance: Members.—S. A. Agnew; J. M. Anderson; M. N. Baker; C. H. Baldwin; L. M. Bancroft; G. W. Batchelder; J. F. Bigelow; C. A. Bogardus; George Bowers; Dexter Brackett; E. C. Brooks; G.A. P. Bucknam; C. F Childs; H. W. Clark; J. H. Child; R. C. P. Coggeshall; M. F Collins; W. R. Conard; J. W. Crawford; A. O. Doane; John Doyle; E. D. Eldredge; J. N. Ferguson; W. E. Foss; S. DeM. Gage; F. J. Gifford; Albert S. Glover; F. E. Hall; L. M. Hastings; T. G. Hazard, jr.; H. G. Holden; J. L. Howard; W. S. Johnson; E. W. Kent; Willard Kent; Patrick Kieran; G. A. King; Morris Knowles; N. A. McMillen; I).…

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