Recommendations for San Diego.

Issue 8 and Volume 43.

Recommendations for San Diego. In his report as to the water department of San Diego, Cal., the superintendent makes several recommendations. One is that for better fire protection a reservoir should be built in the Middletown district, which will give additional and constant pressure. The Oldtown reservoir has a capacity of a little more than 3,500,000 gal. It is about 4 miles from the city and is b lilt at an elevation of 143 ft. With only that elevation, and with the loss of pressure through friction in 4 miles of mains, the superintendent regards this branch of the water service as inadequate for the city’s requirements. The Middletown reservoir should have a capacity of 4,000,30: gal. and an elevation of 200 ft. Such a reservoir (it is asserted) would raise water to a height of 153 ft. (hydrant pressure) at Fifth and D streets—sufficient for any building now built…

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