The Jameco Pumping Operations.

Issue 8 and Volume 43.

The Jameco Pumping Operations. Silas W. Titus, the Jameco pumper, who had sunk three wells in Fourth avenue, Brooklyn, and was about to sink a score or so more when the public service commissioner discovered that such wells would be an obstruction to the subway that is to run in that thoroughfare, has consented to a change of plans which he believes will meet with the approval of the commission. He has permission to sink wells in the streets of a large district but picked out Fourth avenue as the best for his purpose. He has a pumping station in Sixih street, near Third avenue, to which the water is to flow by gravity from the wells in Fourth avenue. Mr. Titus may get a few thousand dollars for the three wells he lias already dug in Fourth avenue, if it becomes necessary to abandon them, and he will probably…

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