Issue 8 and Volume 43.

EXPERIENCES WITH A PUMPING PLANT On April 1, 1888, Wm. R. Billings resigned his position as chief executive officer of the Taunton waterworks to accept a more lucrative one, and the writer was chosen by the water commissioners to take his place. It is worth while to notice at the outset that among hydraulic engineers in the past, there had been a distrust of directpumping systems, not only because of the extra cost of working such systems, but, also, because they have not usually been as efficient as reservoirs or standpipes. But Parley I. Perrin, the first president of the water commissioners, was a practical mechanic, for many years in charge of Fairbanks’ Locomotive Works, afterwards called the Taunton Locomotive Manufacturing company, and he sent Charles F. Taber, the first chief engineer of the Taunton waterworks to Rochester, N. Y., where there had been a practically successful direct-pumping plant, to…

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