Most Northerly Water System in the New World.

Issue 8 and Volume 43.

Most Northerly Water System in the New World. At Dawson City, Yukon territory, has been installed the most northerly waterworks system on the American continent. It works well both in summer and winter and supplies water in abundance both for domestic and fire purposes to a population of some 10,000. The rates are reasonable, simply because the expenditure was kept down to the lowest possible cost, and the company supplied water only for the two purposes mentioned. The first pipes laid were inclosed in wooden boxes so as to keep the iron pipes from coming in contact with the frozen soil. But, owing to their being sit many that doubted as to the possibilities of the system and of the supply being maintained at all times, connections could not be made at the proper times or all at once. The result was that the wooden boxes were so cut up…

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