Chief Boyd Lectures to the Police.

Issue 8 and Volume 43.

Chief Boyd Lectures to the Police. Chief S. B. Boyd, of the Knoxville, Tenn., fire department, recently delivered an instructive lecture to members of the police department on the duties of patrolmen and others in aiding the fire department by constantly watching for fires and by promptly turning in alarms whenever fire is discovered. He urged them to use the fire-alarm boxes whenever possible and explained the mechanism of the alarm system and just how to turn in a box alarm. He also suggested that while tire alarm boxes should be used at all times possible, telephone communication should be held with the tire headquarters to name the exact place of the fire. Information of this kind should not merely name the establishment on fire and the street. Even given the number of the house (he showed) was sometimes insufficient. Chief Boyd impressed the fact that the street and nearest…

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