Ahrens Engine at Charleston, W. Va.

Issue 9 and Volume 43.

Ahrens Engine at Charleston, W. Va. A Charleston, W. Va., paper says that the new fire engine recently purchased for the city fire department was tested and accepted. The engine, which is an Ahrens Continental, was found perfectly satisfactory in every respect and will greatly increase the efficiency of the fire department. Starting with the boiler full of cold water, the lire was lighted, and in six minutes the engine threw two powerful streams at least 50 ft. higher than the highest part of the Kanawha Valley Hank building, one of the tallest buildings in the city. After this test the two streams were siamesed into one tix-in. nozzle, and threw a vertical stream at least 200 ft. After this trial the engine was taken to the corner of Hale and Kanawha and from the plug there was attached to the standpipe on the Hotel Ruflfner. A section of hose…

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