Tests of a Nott Engine at Sandusky.

Issue 11 and Volume 43.

Tests of a Nott Engine at Sandusky. The Nott first-size engine purchased by Sandusky, Ohio, was given its formal delivery tests a few days since, under the direction and in the presence of the board of public safety and Chief Daniel E. Hartung. The boiler with 2 1/2 gauges of cold water showed 140 lbs. of steam in exactly seven minutes from the time of lighting fire. The tests took place at the lake-front, the engine draughting water through a 22-ft. length of suction and about a 12-ft. lift. In the first test four 200-ft. lines of hose were laid from the engine, each line being fitted with 1 1/8-in. smooth-bore discharge nozzles; the trial lasting an hour. Through this run the boiler maintained an average steam-pressure of 135 lbs.; most of the time the pop safety-valves were blowing off at 140 lbs., with a speed of over 300 revolutions…

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