Timely Inspection of an El Paso Theatre.

Issue 11 and Volume 43.

Timely Inspection of an El Paso Theatre. At El Paso, Tex., where Fire Chief T. J. Holland has been inspecting the Crawford theatre, where a moving-picture show was drawing crowds. He found the small doors which afford opportunity for occupants of the gallery to climb out on the roof, were nailed down The management of the theatre blames the negro janitor who had nailed the doors to keep them shut during a wind storm and declared that the doors were not nailed while the house was occupied. Firemen also visited the Majestic theatre and ordered people out of the aisles, as this was a violation of the ordinances. A11 inspection was made of the Franklin theatre, and the management was directed to place fire extinguishers on the stage and also to place lights at the exts. All moving-picture shows were inspected several months ago relative to the construction of the…

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